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Genuinely Portuguese, PINGUÇA want to add to the image of an up and coming Portugal that is as traditional as its irreverent and cosmopolitan. The project begins when two young architects get in touch with an ancient book of recipes. Sharing a passion for local agriculture and minimal design they set on a journey of experimentation that leads to the birth of a fresh new product in a country with centuries of tradition in spirit drinks.


Pinguça Handmade Liqueur - Avó Micas Cinnamon - 50 / 500ml



  Avó Micas Cinnamon Handmade Liqueur - Pinguça - Ge.....

Pinguça Handmade Liqueur - Red Fruits - 50 / 500ml



  Red Fruits Handmade Liqueur - Pinguça - Genuine Portugues.....

Pinguça Handmade Liqueur - Passion Fruit - 50 / 500ml



  Passion Fruit Handmade Liqueur - Pinguça - Genuine Portug.....


ThePortugalOnlineShop is an ongoing and evolving project that intends, at it's major purpose, promote Portuguese products and traditions throughout the world. Showcasing many quality world-known brands such as Claus Porto / Ach brito / Confiança / 444 / Delta / Encerite / Couto / Nally / Bordalo Pinheiro / Licor Beirão / and many others! Enjoy! © 2011-2014 ThePortugalOnlineShop. No material, text or images, can be copied without express permission.


+351 960 300 965

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